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To make your journey as smooth as possible, GT Cars have designed an app with you in mind. Available for both Android and iPhone, simply search for ‘ClockTower Cars’ on the app store, download and book a taxi on the go.

Using the app will give you multiple benefits. Not only will you be able to book taxis either in advance or ASAP, but you’ll be able to choose your vehicle from those available whether you need a car that will fit you and your friends or one that’s suitable for your pet.

By having the option to save your home address you’ll be able to book future trips faster and you can select your pick up or drop off location from a number of nearby destinations including train stations, airports and even supermarkets or restaurants. All of our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking technology so that you can track the progress of your taxi and view the designated route in real time, giving you an estimated time of arrival. Then, pay safely and conveniently by using your account, by card or by cash depending on which you prefer.